Obst und Gemüse bei Niederwieser Convenience GmbH


Niederwieser Convenience is part of a successful family business with a long history. It was in 1945 when Frieda Niederwieser moved her marketplace stall (which she had inherited from her mother, having acquired its trading licence in 1918) into what was then an Innsbruck suburb. In 1980 Bruno Niederwieser took over the traditional family business. In 1999, as an addition to the specialist fruit and vegetable business, Niederwieser Convenience was established in the heart of Innsbruck city centre. In 2005 Bruno passed the business on to his children, Patricia and Claudio - and with the business also came an enthusiasm for the trade. After tourism college, Patricia completed a Social and Economic Science course at Innsbruck University. She then gained some professional experience before going into her father's business. After his apprenticeship as a chef, Claudio Niederwieser worked in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. He then managed the kitchen and production at the Hofbräuhaus Cleveland (Ohio). After that he worked as head chef and purser on cruise liners touring the world. Finally he too joined the family business. The two siblings worked on numerous ideas and concepts together and then founded the KUNSTPAUSE café-restaurant business, KOSTBAR KG, KITCHENCLUB Catering and the Niederwieser Convenience wholesale company. Nowadays, Niederwieser is reaping the benefit of experience accrued by four generations: a precise knowledge of the marketplace, of the needs of today's customers, coupled with a wide selection of high-quality goods.